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Monday, January 24, 2011

when i grow up....

Although I'm pushing the big 4-0, I still haven't figured out what I want to be when I grow up. I think that's why I finally got the nerve to leave my job - because I finally realized that it just wasn't my passion and life is way too short to spend too much time doing something you just don't care much about. No amount of money can change that feeling. Sure, life is easier when you aren't struggling financially, but, really, if you can pay the bills and save a little for old age, the rest is just gravy and, according to studies, doesn't make us any happier.

The experts always tell you to do what you love. Based on that advice, I've come up with the following short list of dream jobs:

1.  Chocolate taster. Apparently this is a real job. I LOVE chocolate. To me, it's not dessert if there's no chocolate in it. The darker the better. And I think I have a good palette. Now, just have to figure out how you go about it - is there a chocolate university? Is Willy Wonka the dean? Maybe it exists somewhere - with a chocolate stream running through campus and trees hanging heavy with chocolate covered caramels?

2. Travel writer. I love to travel. The only problem is that sometimes HAVING to do what you love to do makes it a chore instead of a pleasurable experience. I would hate not loving to travel. Also, I don't like leaving my pets. So, I'm thinking if I had a 40' RV, I could just load up the pets and Jeff and drive off into the sunset, writing about the whole experience along the way.

3. Owner of The Container Store. I love containers. I don't always love using them faithfully, but I love buying them and having them. I can't help it. It's that part of me that longs to be organized and super on top of things (alas, I'm not and probably never will be). But I can dream. Which, of course, is all this job title is - a dream. I'm sure it's actually owned by a million shareholders. And none of them probably have the perk I'm after - the ability to stroll through the aisles of any Container Store and just take whatever.

So, there you have it. My list of dream jobs. If you find out that any of these are open, let me know :)

Please share - what is your dream job? Are you fortunate enough to be doing it?


  1. I would love to thrift for a living Yes I have an Etsy shop but it doesn't pay the bills...

    Be Guy Fiery's replacement on triple D! I could eat some fried clams right about NOW!

  2. I was an art teacher and first grade teacher before getting pregnant, now I'm a full-time mom... It's a wonderful job, but when I have a free moment, my favorite thing is to BAKE. That's what I want to do, all day... That's how I got into Pyrex! I needed some new mixing bowls and now have such a beautiful collection of the best colorful, vintage bowls. Being a chocolate taster sounds pretty fun, too.

  3. Aubrey and I were watching The Travel Channel a few days ago and wondered how in the world people get THAT job - to go on vacation and get paid for it!

  4. My dream job would be the manager of your Container Store. Haha! Lofty ambition right?? No, really, I would have to say interior decorator. I would help people with things they already have in their house and rearrange their furniture. i always do this when I go over to peoples houses anyways ;)