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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


About six weeks in, our Etsy experiment is moving along.  Ok, so maybe not as quickly as we'd like, but, hey, we've gotten a few sales and are hopeful that the upcoming holiday season will propel things even more.  At this point, we are focusing mainly on vintage glass and kitchen items, plus some vintage luggage, a few lanterns, enamelware (which, in our book, is technically glass, since the process involves fusing glass material to metal).

For the first 3-4 weeks, we found items, researched them, cleaned them (some of them - others are better if you don't clean them), photographed them, wrote descriptions for them, and posted them.  For the last week or two, I've spent a bit of time in the Etsy forums (both lurking and posting).  That's when I realized just how much there is to KNOW about running a successful Etsy business.  As someone who can get overwhelmed easily, I just tell myself to learn what I can today and tomorrow I will learn something else.  I have been struck by how helpful the other Etsy sellers are though.  They are willing to share their knowledge with us newbies which has been invaluable.

Ultimately, the purpose of this blog is to share information about pieces we find, Etsy, running a vintage business, and anything else that's relevant.  Truth be told, it's also a way for us to get our name out and bring some attention to our little shop.  As if marketing isn't hard enough, we have to learn how to do it online, which involves things such as blogging, Twitter, and Facebook.  As two nearly old fogies (in that we were born BEFORE the digital age!), that can be overwhelming.  But we shall perservere!

Oh, before I forget, I wanted to mention Etsy treasuries.  A treasury is created by either a buyer or seller to feature the items of other sellers.  You are not supposed to feature your own item, but rather "share the love" by giving kudos to others.  Turns out that making them is so much fun!  Here are the three I've done:

And, finally, here is a link to our shop:

Have a fabulous day!

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