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Friday, October 15, 2010


Whew, what a morning!  We went to two estate sales and the humongoid "Beautiful Junk" sale at JeffCo Fairgrounds.  Time constraints prohibited us from seeing everything at the Beautiful Junk sale, so we are considering a return trip tomorrow! We'll see....

Today was VERY productive though, I am happy to report.  Both estate sales produced good finds.  The one bummer is that the single piece of Pyrex that I was salivating over was GONE at the first sale, even though we got there when it opened, went straight to the kitchen section, and seemed to get there before anyone else.  My guess is that someone contacted the people and did the deal on that piece before anyone else had a chance.  Guess there's a lesson in there somewhere.  If there's something you really want, you gotta be a little aggressive and not just assume that everyone else is playing by your set of rules.  Whoever got it is probably doing a happy dance and they should.  It was marked at $6 and retails for about $100 in great condition.  Couldn't tell the condition from the photo of course, but it looked pretty good.

Like I said though, we did score today so I can't be too grumpy.  We found several other pieces of vintage Pyrex, some vintage Franciscan dinnerware, quite a few enamelware piecess, an old potato masher from the 50s, a BEAUTIFUL Dansk dutch oven, and some assorted glass items.  All in all, a good haul.

Off to index our purchases and research.  Then going to work (doggie work).  This weekend will be full of picture taking and posting.

Happy Friday!

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