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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Jeff and I hit two sales this morning.  The first was a disappointment.  The people weren't set up fully, and we didn't really see all that much that spoke to us.  The second was more of a success.  It was an estate sale in Federal Heights. In addition to the 500 (it seemed) piggy banks and beanie babies (yikes!) we managed to find some nice Pyrex bowls from the 60s and a sugar and creamer silverplate set that we are still learning about.  All we know right now is that it was produced between 1860-1928.  We also found this cool wall cabinet.  Looks like it was a medicine cabinet but we are going to use it as a spice cabinet in the kitchen.  It needs to be painted first.  And we are going to replace the mirror with glass or chicken wire (not sure yet).  I think it will look really cute hanging in the kitchen with towels or utensils or something hanging from the rod at the bottom and spices inside.  And it will free up some drawer space which is a bonus.  And, here's the best part - it was ONLY $4.  I'm psyched. 

Looks like there is good estate sale tomorrow that has another cool Pyrex piece (I am so into vintage kitchen stuff right now!) so we're going to go there and there's also a huge (read GIGANTIC) sale at the JeffCo fairgrounds tomorrow that should be intense.  I feel like I need to hydrate for that one.

Off to list the Pyrex and learn more about the silverplate pieces (I hope).


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