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Monday, October 18, 2010

i heart pyrex!

For some reason, Pyrex and I have just clicked.   The color pieces especially.  There's just something so beautiful in its simplicity and classic style.  And I remember some of the patterns from when I was a kid, so I suppose that makes it more relevant and interesting to me. 

Another great thing about Pyrex is that it is affordable.  You can find lots of great pieces for under $30.  In some cases, you can even find it unused and/or in its original box.  Of course, a lot of vintage Pyrex pieces were used and used a lot, so expect to find faded and scratched pieces fairly often at garage sales or flea markets. Condition is important so choose wisely.  Of course, if you fall in love with a particular pattern and don't mind that a piece is less than perfect, then by all means, buy it! Then, when you find the same piece in better condition later, you can make that your display piece and make the other an everyday use item.

Needless to say, Corning made LOTS of Pyrex patterns, so there's a lot of information to know.  The folks at have done a great job cataloging information about the various patterns and also provide tons of other helpful information. So, if you've been bitten by the Pyrex bug like I have, take a few minutes (or more!) to browse the Pyrex Love site.  You'll be glad you did.

Pyrex listings on Glass Panic:

Happy Pyrex Hunting!

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