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Friday, November 26, 2010

black friday

Ok, so maybe having a black themed gift guide on Black Friday isn't all that creative, but I'm still a little sleepy from all the turkey yesterday. Plus I wanted to get this done in a short amount of time so I could go thrifting today. No way you'd find me at the mall on a day like today, but I figure the thrift stores shouldn't be too packed!

So, without further ado, here are my black picks for Black Friday. Hope you enjoy!

Old cameras are just cool, whether you use them or not. This Brownie from Johnny Vintage is no exception.

If you are any kind of regular on Etsy, you know owls are hot. These cast iron critters from Uptown Vintage are adorable.

Ok, so maybe no one NEEDS a coal pot anymore, but this one from Kizzy Rayan 123 would make a fabulous planter.

These cute miniature iron chairs from Bellalulu could be used for a doll collection or to hold potted plants.

I've really been wanting a chandelier for our den/library (a nice way of saying the room where we store our books!) and this one from Chic Country Boutique is beautiful!

Although you have to pick this up in Boston, I had to include this exquisite fireplace mantel from Atelier No.22.

This enamelware coffee pot from Rolling Hills Vintage has a great farmhouse feel.

This classic wool coat from Fabled Fancy is beautifully tailored and very sophisticated.

Remember when you actually DIALED a phone instead of pushing buttons? This retro rotary phone from Olde Things has great lines and a wonderful classic look.

Finally, from my shop, I just love this fabulous Pyrex in black.

Happy hunting!


  1. This is awesome! Wonderful Black Friday choices. And I'm with you..forget the'll find me thrifting today!!

  2. Love VINTAGE for Black Friday..lots of great shops featured in this great blog