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Monday, November 8, 2010

weekend wrap-up

Saturday we went to a new second hand store that was actually having a "pre-opening" 50% off sale. It's not far from our house, so my hope is that it becomes a regular source for good stuff! When we got there, we immediately recognized one of the women running it as the person who runs a local estate sale company, so we were a little concerned that the place would be all the stuff that no one wanted at estate sales.  I think there was a good bit of that, but there was a decent selection. Not sure how it will evolve, but it's definitely a place we will try again. Even if it's only for the $.25 books - I got three that I'd been wanting to read. Can add those to the other 50 or so books I have that I haven't read (I just started "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" - yes, I am behind, but you have no idea how long it took me to get that book from the library!).  Probably the best thing we got was this baby scale - it's already had more interest on Etsy than this other scale that we listed the day before (and which I LOVE).

The good news is that we had three sales over the weekend! A woman in PA contacted me on Saturday to ask about a Savory Jr. roaster that we had listed. I responded to her and sent her some additional photos, and she bought it. I had just gotten another Savory Jr. roaster at the new second hand store that day, so Sunday morning I got it all photographed and listed.  Well, within probably 4 hours of listing it, the woman who had bought the other one bought that one too! I got a note from her saying that she was going to give it to her cousin. So, we've now sold three roasting pans. I have two left. Hopefully those will go in the next week or two as well.

The bad news is that we made a "sale" that is turning out to be a non-sale. For some reason, Etsy allows people to check out without actually paying (apparently that is supposed to stop with the new checkout that is rolling out). It's been a week and still no payment and no word from the "buyer" despite sending three emails. I will cancel the transaction this afternoon. I guess it happens to a lot of sellers, but what a pain!

Today is going to be busy, so I'd better get to it. I have to do treasury team stuff and finish packaging stuff to ship (as well as a trip to the post office). Today is the last warm sunny day forecast for a while (we may finally get snow this week), so I want to get some pictures taken to list some new things. And we are trying to finish fixing up the new outside space we just got at our dog daycare so we can use it (we have tripled our outside space - yay!). That involves spreading 10 tons of gravel. We did about half of it on Saturday and hope to finish it today, so I need to get down there before my actual shift to do that. The soreness took two days to set in, so I'm just now feeling the effects of Saturday's labor. Should make shoveling and pushing wheelbarrow loads of gravel today that much more fun!

Have a great one!

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  1. Cute cat pics :)

    Congrats on all the weekend sales!! Roasting pans - genius thinking with the Holidays coming up! People want to cook in what their Moms or Grandmoms cooked in so they will be searching vintage for that! Way to go! And the non paying buyer is such a bummer - I have had quite a few.