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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

do i have to?

I think the worst part of any job is the paperwork. Record keeping particularly has never been my forte. Oh, it's easy enough, but where's the joy in it? When it comes to paperwork, I think I could benefit from a bit of OCD.

Can you tell that I'm behind on my paperwork and I'm dreading having to deal with it? A lot of it doesn't even involve paper - for instance, I haven't cataloged my purchases in too long (in Excel). That means that I will have to try to remember what I paid for things that aren't marked. If you knew my memory, you would understand the problem with that. I also have to organize receipts and record expenses. The thought makes me want to crawl back into bed.

I know, I should just do it as it comes up and not let it pile up (yes, mom, I did listen), but knowing that and doing that are two different things.  When you have fun things to do like shop and research, who wants to do the boring stuff?


  1. I know!! I was so on top of things a few months ago. Now, I am so far behind! ...and remembering what I paid for things is going to be a nightmare for me. I have a really easy system too- I just got behind and the more I got behind the less I have wanted to deal with it.

    Outright is a great program and you can access it straight off of Etsy's site. It is under "seller deals" It is free and so easy to use - if you take the time to use it :)

  2. angela, you always have the best tips and advice! i am going to check out outright. thanks!