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Friday, November 12, 2010


Making treasuries on Etsy can be fun. At least I think so. It's a good outlet for creativity when you are creativity-challenged like I am. You create something beautiful simply by combining beautiful things. Of course, beauty is entirely subjective, but, well, I think my treasuries are pretty darn good. When I first started, I thought it was pretty fool proof, but I assure you, I have seen some treasuries that were just, well, not good. Again, though, it's all subjective. Nothing is inherently good or bad; it's all perception. But enough philosophy.

Anyway, I think my treasuries reflect some aspect of myself. It may be a small aspect, something few know about me, but there's a part of me somewhere in each one.  As anyone who has been to my house can attest, I love bright colors. So, not surprisingly, one of my favorite treasuries that I have made is this one:

One goal of treasury making for some is getting on Etsy's Front Page. Of course, if you ask me, it's better to have your product on the Front Page than your treasury, but whatever. Being slightly competitve, I admit, I want a treasury that I take time putting together to be seen by the most people, which means being on the Front Page. Well, if you've ever watched the Front Page on Etsy, it immediately becomes clear that not many treasuries with a lot of color (or, really, any color) make it. I guess by coming across as neutral as possible, you can appeal to a broader range of people? I don't know. It seems like Etsy is trying hard to NOT have an identity. That somehow that allows them to be everything to all people. But I'm not a business strategist, so what do I know? The point is that if you want your treasury to be on the Front Page, the best way to play the odds is to create a treasury with what I will call the Etsy "non-look" (it can't be a look because it's just so darn bland - meant more not to offend than to appeal). So, here's my attempt:

It still has some part of me in it and, yes, I do think it is pretty or I wouldn't have made it. But, at the end of the day, it just makes me ... yawn. Now, excuse me while I go satisfy my sudden craving for oatmeal.

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  1. I have gotten in to making them lately too. They are fun and a great way to be creative without making a mess :) Mine are good when I start with a theme - not so good when I am trying to put all of my friends into one together - my friends have such diverse tastes and it makes for a kooky treasury. So, I have decided from now on - since I like adding my friends- that I will start with one friend and let them inspire the rest of the treasury... Sometimes when I see a really pretty treasury, I will click to see who made it because I like their taste.