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Friday, November 5, 2010

estate sale friday

Where has today gone?!

Last night I checked the estate sale site and found 12 estate sales going on today! After going through all the pictures, we settled on three to hit this morning. The first was up in Arvada. There were a lot of great things, but some high prices as well. The one thing I saw in the pictures that I really wanted was this great orange Descoware sauce pan and lid. They wanted $15 for it, though, which was a bit much for me. I wasn't sure exactly how much it would retail for, but when I got home I found one on Etsy for $18 so I'm glad I left it there! We did find a great old scale (I believe it was made sometime between 1898-1912) and a funky and cool Owens-Illinois water bottle (to be listed soon hopefully!) and a few other smaller things.

The second estate sale was at this amazing huge old house in one of the historic districts in Denver. This place was at least 5,000 square feet not including the basement! And it was FULL of antiques.  Some beautiful furniture pieces from the 1700s (and so out of my price range for sure!). Gorgeous china and framed art out the wazoo.  The main score we made there was a Wedgwood Cornflower platter that is just beautiful. We also found an old Paull's lantern and a rusty old flip toaster from 1914. And two copies of the "Rocky Mountain News" from 1894!

I've been drawn to ephemera lately, particularly pieces related to national parks and historic places. Found one today about the geology of Yellowstone and one on Williamsburg.

Needless to say, by the time we finished at those two places it was noon and so we had to skip the third. But, tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Oh I hate those out-the-wazoo sales!!

    I have a piece of Descoware in my shop and I had no idea what it was until I started researching - I had never heard of it. It was in my Pyrex box from the auction.