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Thursday, December 2, 2010

blog love

I've decided I need to spend a little time sprucing up my blog. This is my first attempt at a blog, so just learning to use Blogger was a bit of a challenge. But it's time to go beyond the basics. I just have such a hard time making up my mind how I want things to look. So, I'm going with the trial and error approach.

I started with the header - you might notice it's new. Do I love it? I wouldn't go that far. But, given my limited skills, I think it's pretty good. It's definitely better than plain ol text like I had. So, it's an improvement. And maybe as I learn more, it will evolve again.

The next thing I want to learn is how to add my Etsy shop in the margin.

And someday maybe I'll make up my mind as to exactly what kind of background I want and learn how to actually make it.

I'd love to hear from others as to how long it took you to get your blog just how you wanted it and any tips or tricks you learned along the way. Did you design your banner (if you use a banner) or did someone else do it? What about your background? What is the one thing you wished you knew when you started?

Have a great day!


  1. Your header looks great. I am a limited techie person so my blog is background from the internet and my own photos! That's it! The etsy shop on the side bar was easy as it came from the etsy site. Good luck, but it's looking good.

  2. I am still working on the look of my blog after 2 years!! I will give you a link to the etsy shop gadget - my brain is so fried -- can't think of what it is called right now. I will be right back with the link (I have to go look at my blog to figure out where I got it from!!)

  3. Also, you can get free premade headers at places like "cutest blog on the block" :)

  4. Here you go:

    I believe it is under "widgets"

  5. thanks linda and angela! going to find the widget now. :)