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Friday, December 10, 2010

estate sale friday

I checked this morning and there were 11 sales going on in the Denver area today. We didn't feel like driving all over the place so we chose two that were closest and set out. The first sale was productive - the photos below show what we scored. The people hosting the sale just ticked me off though. I was all ready to come home and rant about it here, but I ended up not having time to post earlier and now, well, I'm just over it and don't even want to discuss it. It wasn't that great of a story anyway, so don't feel cheated :)

As we were heading to the second sale, Jeff called into The Barkway only to find out that they had 40 dogs! That made the dog to people ratio too high, so we had to scrap our plans for the second sale and go to work (well, Jeff went to work, I came home and packaged stuff to ship and THEN went to work).

On a completely unrelated side note, perhaps you heard that Pantone chose 'Honeysuckle,' a shade of pink, as its color for 2011. In response, I made this treasury. As of this second, it needs 12 more views to make it my most viewed treasury ever. So, why not have a look - you know you want to!

Ok, as promised, here are our latest finds:

A Douglas Flameproof sauce pan/teapot

A matching Douglas Flameproof percolator

A Lu-Ray Pastels vegetable bowl

An Edwin Knowles platter (this is probably staying in my kitchen!)

'Tree of Life' made in 1963 by Homco

Arby's Norman Rockwell collector's glasses. I just love the little dogs - that's definitely what drew me to them

Cool 70s flip binoculars made in Japan

A cute metal tray

And another cute metal tray

Happy hunting!


  1. Fun finds!! But, were you allowed to go? Or did you cheat?? :D

    I am SO ready to go thrifting again! But, I am glad my shop (and office) are getting a chance to clean out without me adding more to it-- and I still have things sitting around that I need to list... Hopefully, it will be nice and cold after Christmas and I will not be tempted to go out - but to stay in and finish photographing.

  2. Wow- I check for upcoming sales in Cleveland, OH and I am lucky to see one or two posted every couple of weeks!