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Monday, December 13, 2010

weekend wrap-up

Busy weekend! First of all, we hit our 50th sale yesterday! Hooray! I'm so excited by that; just hope that it doesn't stop completely after the holidays are over.

Saturday I was at the thrift shop, still looking for a topper for our tree (at this rate, it will be new years before I find one) and I was strolling through the housewares section, as I am known to do, lingering particularly long in the aisle where the Pyrex hides, when I turned to the pots and pans aisle just as a man was picking up what looked to be a beautiful Descoware orange flame dutch oven. Immediately, my stomach dropped. If only I'd turned around 30 seconds sooner, I would be holding it instead of him! I stood there for a minute while he looked it over, all the time silently willing him to PUT IT DOWN, PUT IT DOWN, and then he walked off with it. I was sick. I couldn't believe I had missed it. Distraught, I continued on through the store, although I couldn't stop mentally kicking myself for missing that pot. When I was done, I decided, just for the heck of it, to stroll past the pots and pans aisle again, just in case he put it back. Believe it or not, HE HAD!! I snatched it up so fast, the lady standing there looked at me surprised. I carefully removed the tape from the lid, expecting the inside enamel to be trashed, but it was almost perfect. I just couldn't believe it. And, as I suspected, it was Descoware. I brought it home, listed it that same day, and it sold on Sunday!

Although we didn't get a ton of stuff listed this weekend, the stuff we did list got a lot of interest. We had this perpetual calendar that we bought a few weeks ago, but it was difficult to photograph given its size and I wasn't sure how we would pack it (at it's shortest, it was 30 inches long). We finally got it photographed and posted. I checked on it 10 minutes later and it was SOLD! Only two people even looked at it, including the person who bought it. And it's going to NEW YORK CITY (sorry, I always think of that Pace commercial when I say that). My humble little item is hitting the big time :)

Saturday was also a great day because I got my hat that I ordered. And I love it. So I figured this was a good excuse to crawl out of the shadows and show myself to the world. I'm just kinda bummed cause it's so warm here that I don't even need a hat right now. I talked to my mom over the weekend and it's been colder in FL than it has been here! Weird. But, the cold will catch up to us eventually, no doubt.

Happy hunting!


  1. I do that also, watch them and silently will them to put it back!! Glad he did and you got a sale!!

  2. This is my first year with the vintage shop but I have heard that things really pick up in January because people get Christmas money!! Yay!! I hope it is true!

    LOVE the hat! Looks very cute on you!

  3. Congrats on your 50th sale!!! Looking forward to your giveaway too :-)

  4. Congrats on your 50th sale! I just got my first sale :) Gota get to posting more, more, more!