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Monday, December 20, 2010


Well, we're less than a week until Christmas. Hope everyone has accomplished everything they've hoped to by this point and, if not, well, just have another spiked egg nog and relax. Stressing won't get it done any faster (although if it did, I would always be the first done at everything - ha!).

After having a great first half of the month, the sales dried up three days ago. I knew it would happen but it was still a bummer, although I'm happy to have a few days off from the post office! Here's hoping January brings lots of customers with Christmas money to spend.

Anyway, today I thought I would share some items, both handmade and vintage, from my Favorites list. At least what's left - seems like half of my favorites or more were snatched up during the holiday rush. Guess that means I have good taste :)

I have a thing for clocks. In addition to the red art deco clock that I missed out on, I also had a beautiful turquoise and chrome model on my favorites list that was sold. When it comes to clocks, simple is better in my book. I really like this old school clock:

The time clock at The Barkway is on its last legs. I found this really cool vintage one on Etsy, purely by accident. I mean, I never even thought to look for one there. If it hangs around for another week or two, I might convince Jeff to get it.

I think these fingerless fleece gloves are cool and I really love the turquoise stitching against the dark gray (although it's hard to see in this photo)

This rectangular Dansk enamel pot is to die for

Ditto for this Catherineholm turquoise enamel pot

This retro looking tea towel would look perfect in my kitchen. So cute.

Isn't this clutch great? Love that color combo

Speaking of turquoise and brown, these mugs are groovilicious. Love the pedestal.

One of the items in my faves that sold was this cute little vintage tackle box. I think it was priced at $45.

Although it's not vintage, I picked this up for $10 over the weekend at this surplus store down the road from us. It's plastic inside instead of metal, but I still love the look of it.

Happy hunting!


  1. Yep, things are slow in my shop too. I have 2 packages to ship today and one person who wants a reserve - I have my fingers crossed for January "Christmas Money" sales. I have noticed lots of people "hearting" things lately - hopefully they are going to come back after Christmas!

    ...and my big news that I was told I could not tell anyone about is coming up very soon. I am worried that it will flop though since I haven't heard anymore from the "big news" people :( Fingers crossed that things will go as planned and I will be able to share soon.

  2. Your tackle box sure looks metal.I like it! That time clock reminded me of when I use to work at this coffee shop. Ugh. It is cute but no way would I want to be reminded of that job when I came home! lol