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Thursday, December 23, 2010

more good luck

Yesterday, I was fortunate to be featured on the front page. I ended up selling four of the spoons that were featured.

My luck continued through the day. First, I found a silver dime. I know, it may not seem like a big deal, but I've been checking dimes for years and never found one.  Then, the treasury that I put together climbed to number one! It's not unusual for it to take an hour for me to put together a treasury. Yesterday was a crazy day though, so I threw one together in 15 minutes - and it went to number one! I think I'll start taking less time from now on :) It's still in the fourth position this morning with over 3500 views!

Here it is:

It seemed that my luck had given out when I fell down the stairs to our basement. These are the most steep, narrow, and treacherous stairs that I've seen outside of a European cathedral (circa 1400s), so everytime I go down them, I mentally tell myself NOT TO FALL, NOT TO FALL, NOT TO FALL. I've fallen down them before (can you tell?) and I'm always afraid I'll do it again. The good news is that I only fell down the last three. And I didn't crack my head open. So, hey, more good luck!!

I guess it's all how you look at it :)


  1. Yay for you! I saw that treasury in my activity feed and I totally loved it especially the magazine holder. Glad you didnt fall down tyhose devil stairs. I usually fall UP the ones at my work. Mostly cause I'm always late :P

  2. Hi!!
    Just stopping by to say Merry Christmas! I know your luck will continue in 2011 because you have a GREAT shop!!